Jobs for Former Police Officers

Leaving active-duty police work doesn’t have to mean that your days of service are over. As a former police officer, you have the opportunity to continue serving your community through employment at Traffic Plan. We employ many former police officers who have chosen to continue their careers by serving as Traffic Control Supervisors, Team Support Specialists, and/or Trainers. It’s vital to us that such important roles are filled by experienced men and women who know what it takes to keep communities safe and protected. That’s why Traffic Plan actively seeks to work with former police officers, thanks to their background in public service.


We Stand for Keeping Our Communities Safe

At Traffic Plan, we work on the front lines of our nation’s expanding infrastructure, making sure progress can be made on our roads, bridges, and utilities. Whether it’s guiding traffic around a work zone or creating a safe space for foot travel, our team will be there, ready to keep workers, pedestrians, and motorists safe and protected. We use cutting-edge equipment and the latest technology to create work zones that enable workers to get their job done, traffic to flow, and pedestrians to walk — safely.

Traffic Plan assists with a variety of projects, including:

  • Highway Lane Shifts: When a roadway project requires a lane transition, shift, or detour, customers call on us to provide the crews, equipment, and expertise necessary to ensure that traffic can still travel during working hours.
  • Pedestrian Crossing: When a work site has a pedestrian crossing or there’s an event that requires a safe traffic flow pattern for attendees, we make sure that things flow smoothly and that people remain safe.
  • Emergency Response: Emergencies can strike at any time. When the unexpected happens, Traffic Plan plays an integral role in restoring order and normalcy in our communities.
  • Medical Benefits: Enjoy a comprehensive benefits package that lets you stay focused on the job,  not worrying about healthcare costs. This includes paid medical premiums, paid dental and prescription premiums, and disability.
  • Bonus Payments: After six months of service, employees receive a $2,000 bonus. Not only that, but employees will receive an additional $500 after twelve months of service. And if you refer a new employee, you’ll receive an additional $2,000 once the new person has worked with us for six months.
  • Paid Training: Get paid for learning the essentials of traffic control at our Progress Institute.

What Can You Expect Working for Us?

Working for Traffic Plan has proven to be a fulfilling second career for a great deal of former police offers. Not only do our employees serve as an integral part of the community, but they also receive the following:

Partners in Progress. United by Purpose.

When it comes to finding meaningful employment after a law enforcement career, look no further than Traffic Plan. Our dedication to service and safety makes us an ideal destination for former police officers. Continue to serve and protect your community when you join our team, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes with knowing you’ve played a vital role in the progress of your community. Contact us today to learn more about our available opportunities.


Our Internal Newsletter


United Newsletter: Vol 16
The sixteenth volume of Traffic Plan’s quarterly employee publication, United, is now available! We hope you enjoy this volume of United. If there are any topics you would like to see us cover, please reach out to us. Read the Latest Issue

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