United Newsletter: Vol 1

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While many of you may have met us or seen us around the Traffic Plan offices in the past, we’d like to formally introduce ourselves and give you some background into how the organization was founded and where we see it headed.

As the owners of Traffic Plan, we’re pretty open about our family ties—Carolyn is Mary’s mother-in-law. Mary is a former schoolteacher who founded the construction equipment rental company K. Moorea Co. in 2007. The company serviced the New Jersey area for five years before Carolyn, an accomplished entrepreneur, became involved in 2012.

During that year, one of New Jersey’s largest traffic safety companies pulled out of the state, leaving behind a need for safe, reliable traffic control. We went to New Jersey Natural Gas, who was already a client of our equipment rental company, and proposed a pilot program. They accepted, and Traffic Plan was born in August of 2012. We got our start with just six people and three vans. Soon, though, Traffic Plan would reach a major turning point. Just two months after we launched, Hurricane Sandy hit New Jersey, and we became a safety company overnight. While there wasn’t much of a need for traffic control, there was a need for security, and many companies turned to us to help make sure nobody was loitering or looting. Thanks to the many dedicated team members who stepped up during that time, Traffic Plan made a name for itself as a reliable safety partner.

Although our core commitment is and always will be the safety of our team and the workers we safeguard, we like to think of ourselves as a progress partner company too. After all, the partners we work with—utility companies, public works agencies, and others—all strive to enhance our collective futures by ensuring we have access to clean water and electricity, high-performance wi-fi, and streets and roads in good repair. Our role in partnering with them and furthering that progress is critical.

That sense of community and fellowship is something we believe in strongly. As a family-owned company, we want to extend that sense of family to all of you as well. Your commitment, your mindset, and your skills are remarkable, and they’re kicking doors open for us.

Today, Traffic Plan has grown to more than 400 employees and more vans than we can count. We have a presence in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Virginia, and we plan to expand to other states as the need arises. We prefer to promote from within, and we have a reputation for doing so.

That’s why we call this newsletter United. We’re more than just a company. We’re a team in every sense of the word.

Thank you for your part in it!