Scenic Highways & Byways to Explore This Summer

Scenic Highways & Byways to Explore This Summer

Take a day trip through the Mid-Atlantic’s natural beauty for a refreshingly relaxing journey. Stop at farm stands, restaurants, parks, and attractions along the way, and you might discover there’s more to explore than you ever thought possible!

1. Bayshore Heritage Scenic Byway

Hugging the southern coast of New Jersey, this rustic byway features breathtaking views of landscapes and wildlife, plus up-close looks at historic villages and cultural landmarks. Get out to stretch your legs at one of the many overlooks and trails, buy seafood caught fresh that day, or explore the East Point and Cape May lighthouses!

122 miles • Salem, Cumberland, and Cape May Counties, NJ

2. Route 209 & Old Mine Road, Delaware Water Gap

The Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area features two scenic drives. Just over the border in northeast Pennsylvania, Route 209 takes travelers through some of the most stunning vistas the region has to offer. From the town of Bushkill northward to the Route 206 junction, the deep forests and waterfalls that beckon just off the shoulder are beautiful any time of year. Stop for some hiking, or explore an abundance of camping and boating opportunities.

20 miles • Pike County, PA

On the New Jersey side, Old Mine Road showcases fifteen historical sites. Visit homes and other structures from its time as a major commercial route in the 19th century, as well as an inn that offered protection to settlers during the French & Indian War.

40 miles • Warren and Sussex Counties, NJ

3. Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway

Running mainly along Routes 213 and 18, the Chesapeake Country Scenic Byway takes you through the beautiful landscapes and waterscapes of Maryland’s Eastern Shore. Enjoy fresh produce and seafood, visit historic towns, and drive down the spur along Routes 20 and 445 to explore the Eastern Neck National Wildlife Refuge. You can easily spend a few days on this trip!

419 miles • Cecil, Kent, and Queen Anne’s Counties, MD

4. Pine Barrens Scenic Byway

Follow the paths of patriots and smugglers of the American Revolution, roads that led deep into the Pine Barrens through wild and pristine areas, all still ready to be explored. Start your trip in the charming seaport of Tuckerton, and follow the byway signs into the sandy-floored forests. Hiking and picnicking spots abound, as well as farm stands, cultural landmarks, historical sites, and bird-watching opportunities.

130 miles • Burlington, Atlantic, Cumberland, Cape May, and Ocean Counties, NJ

5. Upper Freehold Historic Farmland Scenic Byway

Find out why New Jersey is called the Garden State on a tour of quiet rural roads. From the historic village of Allentown, with its shops, cafes, and restaurants, to hiking adventures on the Union Transportation Trail, there are miles of scenic horse farms, charming mills, and gorgeous scenery to enjoy!

28 miles • Monmouth County, NJ

6. Warren Heritage Scenic Byway

The mountainous northwest of New Jersey unfolds on this elevated excursion! Rivers, ridges, and recreation await, especially for those who love kayaking, backpacking, fishing, and bird-watching. Waterloo Village marks the northern end of this byway, Stewartsville the southern end. Follow Routes 604 and 57 to see a slower, more serene way of life.

19 miles • Sussex and Warren Counties, NJ

Hit the Road!

No matter which direction you go, be sure to follow the rules of the road, be courteous to other drivers, and take your time. Remember, the best part of the trip isn’t always the destination, but the journey itself. Happy traveling!

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