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At Traffic Plan, our road flaggers stand out as unsung heroes who ensure safe passage through construction zones and high-traffic areas. From setting up work zones to directing traffic with precision, they play a pivotal role in maintaining order and safety. Read below to understand the daily tasks they perform, learn about the type of work zones they serve in, and get to know their essential duties that make a significant impact on our daily commutes and infrastructure projects.

Work Zones

  • Construction Zones: Flaggers are instrumental in construction zones, where they facilitate the safe flow of traffic through areas undergoing maintenance, repair, or development.
  • Utility Work Sites: At utility work sites, flaggers play a critical role in maintaining safety. They oversee areas where utility companies conduct maintenance or repairs near roadways, guaranteeing that workers and passing vehicles can coexist without risk.
  • Events and Festivals: Flaggers are a common sight at public events and festivals. They manage traffic and pedestrian flow to ensure the safety and efficiency of these gatherings.
  • Emergency Response Scenes: In times of crisis, flaggers step up to control traffic at emergency scenes. They guide vehicles and pedestrians safely through high-traffic areas, ensuring the smooth movement of people and vehicles.

Daily Tasks

  • Traffic Control Setup: Establish work zones with signs, cones, and barricades. Place advance warning signs for approaching drivers.
  • Direct Traffic Safely: Use flags, signs, and signals to guide traffic around work areas. Communicate clearly with drivers and pedestrians.
  • Monitor Safety: Identify and address safety hazards within the work zone. Be prepared to respond to incidents or emergencies.
  • Coordinate and Communicate: Collaborate with team members and supervisors. Attend pre-job safety briefings and meetings.
  • Record Keeping: If required, keep records or reports of activities, incidents, or safety concerns.


Start Your Journey Today

Traffic Flaggers make a meaningful impact at Traffic Plan. Your role will be crucial in ensuring the safety of workers and the public in diverse environments, from construction zones to crowded events. By directing traffic and managing flow, you’ll be at the forefront of maintaining order and safeguarding lives. Apply now and become an integral part of shaping safer, more efficient communities.

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