At Traffic Plan, our team of dedicated professionals work hard to keep traffic flowing smoothly and safely. From Traffic Control Technicians working in the field to Supervisors managing crews, each role plays a vital part in maintaining the efficiency of our roadways. Explore the diverse responsibilities of each position and how your career can progress with us.

Career Path

  • Traffic Control Technician: Responsible for working with a crew to protect our customers and the general public on roads and around construction sites. You will be trained in general safety and qualified as an ATSSA-certified flagger. This is a union position. New employees (Technician I) in VA and MD receive increases after 90 days, 180 days, and at one year. In PA and NJ, new employees (Technician I) receive an increase at one year.
  • Crew Chief: Responsible for setting up each job and directing Technicians. You will work with customers and Supervisors to ensure a safe work zone and will be responsible for submitting time sheets for your crew. You may use a company van for your daily commute. This is a union position.


  • Team Support Specialist: Responsible for performing daily inspections of field crews to ensure compliance with MUTCD, ATSSA, DOT, and company policies and procedures. You will also provide breaks to flagging crews and act as a liaison between crews and Supervisors. You may use a company pickup truck for commuting and for work assignments.
  • Supervisor: Responsible for the daily management of flagging crews, customer interactions, site visits, equipment maintenance, toolbox safety talks, training, incident management, and reporting. You will be trained with Traffic Control Coordinator, Publication 213, or ATSSA Intermediate certifications. You may use a company pickup truck for commuting and work assignments.
  • Regional Yard Supervisor: Responsible for same duties as Supervisors, but also managing all aspects of the local field office, including equipment ordering, inventory control, and vehicle preventive maintenance programs. You may use a company pickup truck for commuting and for work assignments.


Start Your Journey Today

Starting a career at Traffic Plan means joining a team that empowers you to make a difference and further your career. From dedicated flaggers to aspiring leaders, our commitment to career advancement is strong. If you’re eager to make a difference in your community, reach out today and explore the exciting possibilities that await you at Traffic Plan.

Traffic Plan's Brochure about Traffic Control Services

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