Why We Choose to Stand

Why We Choose to Stand

The pandemic gave many of us time to stop and think. We were forced to reevaluate the everyday things we take for granted. The value of face-to-face communication with friends, family, and coworkers was put in perspective. We’d like to take a moment now to share some thoughts about our daily routine and recognize why we are privileged to work with our clients.

In today’s world, we cannot live without electricity and heat. We cannot function without internet and cable. At Traffic Plan, we are honored to work alongside organizations that make sure electricity, internet, gas, water, and sewage lines are running smoothly for our communities. We value playing a role in their efforts, and we want to celebrate what these businesses do every day.

In the US, there are an estimated 189,000 utility workers. They manage the installation, repair, and maintenance of utility meters, regulators, flow valves, and so much more. These workers have the ability to quickly make decisions and solve problems. Often they are excellent at interpreting and using data and computers, and they are always coordinating work activities and schedules with others. Their work zones change day to day, minute to minute, and they continually learn and adapt to new environments, priorities, and technologies.

Our clients aren’t afraid of waking up early, getting dirty, climbing to tall heights, or digging down deep. They’re outside on both hot and sticky and cold and windy days. They put themselves in dangerous or uncomfortable situations to make sure each community’s infrastructure is updated and secure. It is imperative that these individuals are able to focus on their work and not be distracted. Any disruptions can result in catastrophic issues, including widespread service outages, injury, or even death.

That’s where we are honored to step in. We at Traffic Plan have a unique opportunity to work hand in hand with our utility clients to be an everyday witness to the progress they are making. Our crews are always on duty, setting up each work zone to keep its workers safe from daily traffic. Flaggers not only protect their lives, but crews often grow to understand the steps utility workers take to make their infrastructure upgrades. Traffic Plan crews can then assist in that effort within the scope of their job responsibilities.

Our clients keep our water running, make sure our homes are heated and cooled, and help us stay connected with loved ones. We are proud to stand alongside each of them — whether they are actively working on repairs or upgrades, inspecting a job site, or supervising or training others to ensure a job well done.