Focus On Agron

Focus On Agron

Agron is a true Traffic Plan success story. He’s been with the company from the beginning, starting as a flagger in 2012 and working his way up to his current role of Regional Safety Supervisor. You may know him from his time helping to open Traffic Plan offices in Pennsylvania and Virginia, or you may get to know him soon — as Regional Safety Supervisor, Agron travels our service area to inspect crews and ensure the highest safety standards are being followed to protect Traffic Plan employees, our customers, and the public. Keep reading to learn more about Agron and his time with us at Traffic Plan.

How long have you been with Traffic Plan, and what is your role?

I started as a flagger with Traffic Plan in 2012. With hard work and dedication, my current role is Regional Safety Supervisor.

What made you want to join Traffic Plan?

I was introduced to Traffic Plan by a former colleague, whom I worked with years prior for a different company. I was very impressed with how the owners of Traffic Plan interacted with each employee and truly cared for each one.

What has your progression at Traffic Plan looked like?

When I started with the company, I was a flagger, and after hard work and dedication, I was promoted to Supervisor. Earlier this year I was promoted to my current position, Regional Safety Supervisor.

Where do you see yourself at Traffic Plan in the future?

I see myself continuing to work my hardest to ensure that the company progresses in the most positive route. I see myself growing alongside the company as it flourishes into the best traffic safety company on the East Coast.

What is your favorite thing about Traffic Plan?

My favorite thing is the whole company — owners, management, supervisors, and flaggers are part of a family. It’s not just a job. We all view each other as family.

What’s your favorite part of your position?

My favorite part is when I see everything is as safe as possible, when each work zone upholds the utmost safety for each person involved.

What does home life look like for you?

My home life consists of spending time with my wife, three daughters, friends, and family.

What do you like to do outside of work?

Spend time with my family and friends.

Do you have any advice for anyone who’s new to the team?

The best advice I would give is to work hard and practice safety in all you do. Be dedicated to the company’s values, and ensure you represent the company well to the best of your ability. I would also say that with hard work and dedication, moving up in the company is not only possible, I am proof of it. I have been where you are. Starting as a flagger and moving up in the company is attainable.